Cancel your plans next weekend, the ‘Beast from the East 2.0’ is heading for the UK 1 week ago

Cancel your plans next weekend, the ‘Beast from the East 2.0’ is heading for the UK

Another burst of Siberian air is about to sweep across the nation. In the final blast of the winter.

It looks like we're going to have to batten down the hatches for a final time this winter, as a blast of cold air is about to sweep across the country at the end of the week.

Meteorologist Liam Dutton tweeted that we could be set to see “another burst of Siberian air” descend on the nation. Adding: “Beast from the east, part two?

“Another burst of Siberian air may push westwards over Europe next weekend. It’s unlikely to be as intense or as prolonged as the last cold spell.“Nevertheless, it brings the possibility of snow, frost and a late season chill back into the mix…”

As with almost any sequel (besides Terminator 2 and Toy Story), the good news is that the Beast from the East 2.0 is likely to lack the intensity of its predecessor. But, that said, it looks likely to give the country one final chill before we finally get some spring sunshine.

In the meantime, the start of the week looks like it will be a little more tepid, at least.


Meteorologist Mark Wilson explained: “It’s a rather cloudy and fairly dull start to the new working week across the UK, some showers from the word go for many areas, it could be quite heavy, so some fairly tricky conditions for the morning rush hour.

“Through the day showers just keep on coming really, merging into longer spells of rain especially across western parts of Wales and south-west England.

“By the afternoon there will be some heavy showers developing, especially across south-eastern areas.

“Most areas will be cloudy on Monday but there will still be some dry and brighter weather reserved for north-western parts of Scotland, but for most areas brightness will really very limited indeed.

“Despite the cloud cover temperatures will still do fairly well for the time of the year but under all that cloud it will feel quite cool and a stronger breeze will remain across the south-west of England.”