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28th Apr 2019

British public thinks EU referendum was a bad idea, according to poll

The British public, even Tory voters, thinks the EU referendum was a bad idea, according to a new poll conducted by Opinium

Reuben Pinder

No shit, Sherlock

A new poll conducted by Opinium has found that the majority of British citizens think holding the EU referendum in 2016 was a bad idea.

As much as 55% of Britons now think it would have been wiser not to have the vote having seen the difficulties of reaching a withdrawal agreement with the European Union.

Notably, around half of Conservative voters (49%) think it was a regrettable decision for David Cameron to call the referendum, compared to 42% who think it was the right idea.

On the other side of the spectrum, the vast majority of 72% of Labour voters think it was a bad idea compared to 18% who still maintain it was worth doing.

When asked who they intend to vote for in the upcoming European elections, Labour and Nigel Farage’s newly founded Brexit party lead the way, tied on 28% 14 points ahead of the Conservatives.

In the case of a second referendum, with two options of leaving with Theresa May’s deal or remaining in the EU, Remain has more support (46%) but still no majority. Leaving with Theresa May’s deal has 34% of support according to latest polls.

An overwhelming majority of Brits also think the prime minister should resign once her deal has passed through the commons, with a pitiful 14% thinking she should lead the next phase of negotiations.