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07th Jul 2022

British Airways jet catches fire as passengers and crew are evacuated after flight from London

April Curtin

A plane being washed down by firefighters after the engine caught fire

A fire erupted in one of the engines, police confirmed

Plane passengers had to be evacuated from a British Airways flight after it caught fire.

The plane, which took off from London, was hosed down by firefighters at Copenhagen Airport in Denmark just after it landed yesterday evening.

Danish police confirmed passengers was evacuated after a fire broke out in one of the engines.

Officers tweeted: “A fire erupted in an engine of a passenger jet that was stopped at the gate. Fire is out. Passengers evacuated. No one injured.”

Videos circulating through social media showed passengers packed into a crowded waiting room while fire crews dealt with the incident, The Sun reports.

One passenger claimed that other customers were taking their bags instead of leaving the plane – holding up the evacuation process for “at least 4 mins”.

JOE has contacted British Airways for comment.

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