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01st May 2018

Britain to sizzle in Bank Holiday heatwave as thermometer bubbles into thirties

James Dawson

Looks like summer is back on.

Having been faced with cold temperatures and a ‘return to winter’ last week, it looks like things are going to be on the up over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The Express reports that – while it’s likely temperatures will be around the mid-20s – they could reach up to 30C in some parts of the South of England with a ‘small nudge in the right direction’ as a plume of warm air hits us from Africa.

This could lead to a two-week heatwave that will sizzle the UK. So get your sunscreen out and get your plans together for the weekend ahead.

A Met Office forecaster told that 30C would be on the high side – although they still reckon we should be in for some sunshine from Saturday.

He added: “It is going to be a fine Bank Holiday weekend, it looks to be very clear and quite bright, hovering at temperatures of up to 20 degrees in the south.

“However, there is a possibility that we could some temperatures to go to mid 20s, as it could be that warm air draws in from continental Europe.

“Without that influence, we will see temperatures of around 18/19 degree across the UK.”