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02nd May 2019

Boris Johnson swiftly deletes tweet about local elections vote


Oh, Boris

Boris, Boris, Boris.

You might think – mistakenly, as it turns out – that Boris Johnson, a man who has held the position of Mayor of London for a whole eight years, would know a bit about local elections in the city. Especially given that he still lives there.

He tweeted on Thursday to say that he had ‘just voted Conservative in the local elections’, encouraging others to do the same.

The thing is, he had not ‘just voted Conservative in the local elections’.

How do we know this? Simple: there weren’t any local elections in London on Thursday, so this definitely didn’t happen.

This point, accompanied by a picture of the tweet (which was swiftly deleted from Johnson’s official Twitter account), was made in a tweet by James Felton on Thursday evening.

So far, Boris hasn’t actually got round to explaining it. We’re not sure he ever will.

As well as London, there were no local elections taking place in Scotland or Wales on Thursday. There were, however, over 8,400 seats being contested in England, and a further 462 in Northern Ireland.