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03rd Jun 2020

Boris Johnson challenged to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ in parliament


boris johnson

Black Lives Matter

Since the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police, words of condolence and anger over his killing have come from a variety of places, from American politicians and athletes, to television personalities, actors and professional football players.

It is a story that has dominated headlines across the world and once again shone a light on the racial inequalities and the unnecessary force used frequently by police in America.

One person who has said nothing on the matter though is our prime minister, Boris Johnson, a man proceeding over a national crisis that is disproportionately affecting BAME communities, in the form of coronavirus.

He has not offered condolences to the family of Mr. Floyd, or advised US president Donald Trump on calming his rhetoric.

It is for this reason that Scottish National Party leader Ian Blackford and Labour leader Keir Starmer urged Johnson in parliament to utter three simple words: Black Lives Matter.