Big Issue seller, 58, celebrates GSCE success and now plans to go to university 3 months ago

Big Issue seller, 58, celebrates GSCE success and now plans to go to university

Clive was one of thousands who celebrated successful GCSE grades

Clive Rowe, who sells the magazine outside Plymouth’s Theatre Royal, has passed his English and Maths GCSE and now plans to attend university. Rowe took classes at City College Plymouth during the pandemic, achieving a 5 in English and Maths despite only studying on a four-month course.


He said: "This is a massive leap for me. I feel like I’ve been to Eton or something."

Rowe grew up in the care system, saying he had a difficult time at school. He has suffered from alcoholism, bipolar and PTSD and had lived on the streets for more than 20 years. However, more recently, Rowed moved into a supported living flat with five other tenants.

Clive Rowe Via SWNS

Rowe began selling the high-street magazine fourteen years ago in Covent Garden. He told his employer: "It’s absolutely amazing for me, I’ve passed both with flying colours.

"I just can’t believe I’ve managed to do it. It is such a massive step up for me. Normally, my life gets better in little stages and little steps at a time, but this is a massive leap for me."


Clive is passionate about local theatre and has taken part in numerous community productions which has led both him and his dog Geezer to become local celebrities. He was recently honoured with a pink plaque at the theatre as part of a scheme to celebrate community champions.

He said: "My dreams for the future have expanded wonderfully, so I’m going to do a one year access course at the city college in September 2022, and then go to Plymouth University.


"I’m going to do an access degree in virtual arts and theatre, so I can come back through the doors after university at the Theatre Royal in two years.


"I’ve really got to thank the theatre, Big Issue and the college for being so supportive of me along the way. It’s been a really amazing day."

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