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01st Mar 2017

Bad news because the TV licence fee is increasing

Paul Moore

The government has announced that the annual television licence fee is to rise from £145.50 to £147.

The increase of £1.50 will be introduced from April 1st and the increased fee will apply to those buying or renewing a licence after that date.

This is the first time in seven years that the cost has risen and it follows on from the government’s announcement last year which stressed that any increase in the licence fee will be in keeping with inflation from April 2017 for the next five years.

The increase has been calculated by government using the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation, measured at 1 per cent in September 2016.

In a statement, the BBC said that : “Licence fee payers will receive a payment plan or a reminder reflecting the new amount when their licence is next due for renewal. Those buying or renewing a licence after 1 April will pay the new fee. Those already buying a licence on an installment scheme which started before 1 April – such as monthly direct debit or weekly cash payments – will continue to make payments totalling £145.50 until their licence comes up for renewal”.

The licence fee covers all BBC services including the Welsh language TV channel S4C and various other local TV channels.

It also contributes to the costs of providing broadband to the UK population.