ASOS are being criticised for this rude-looking "blood" necklace 5 years ago

ASOS are being criticised for this rude-looking "blood" necklace

With Halloween just over a fortnight away, you might notice a change in the way people are dressed.

The cold weather means more jumpers and fewer flip flops wandering around the place, and the fancy-dress theme of October 31 brings about a different kind of change as your mates all dress up as different variations of the same three topical costumes (this year, it's Harambe, Brexit and President Donald Trump because that's the scariest thing they could think of hahahahaha).


As with any time of year, companies are always looking for ways to cash in on the dominant upcoming celebration. In spring, this means everything is rabbit- or egg-related in anticipation of Easter, while every other month is November and December are dedicated to the lead-in to Christmas.

October sees the turn of Halloween, with everything getting a spooky twist, because apparently the world isn't scary enough already with the disappearance of our favourite foods, the emergence of killer clowns and the general political meltdown of the UK and US.

For online clothing provider ASOS, this meant trying to exploit the notorious Halloween cheer by pushing out a line of new horror-themed accessories. By catering their range to the particular season, they were hoping to get people talking.


And they succeeded, just not in the way they might have liked. One item in particular is causing quite the stir online for all the wrong reasons.

The company have released a "dripping blood choker" which, in order to allow it glow in the dark, is white instead of red.


Yes, it looks like jizz. Well done everyone.


How nobody during the production of the necklace stopped even once to think about how this might be misconstrued is beyond us, unless they were banking on us all noticing it and basically giving them free advertising.

In which case, fair play. It definitely worked.