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25th Dec 2022

Armed police called to Devon holiday park after ‘mass fighting’ with kids ‘devastated’

Steve Hopkins

Police are investigating an incident of GBH related to a ‘significant disturbance’

Armed police were reportedly called to a holiday park in Devon after a serious incident at the clubhouse which has led to an investigation into an alleged incident of grievous bodily harm.

Police confirmed there has been an incident at “significant disorder” Welcome Family Holiday Park in Dawlish Warren overnight, with the Mirror quoting one person as saying there was “horrendous behaviour” from one group of people.

A spokesperson told the Mirror: “There was an incident overnight. There is still a police presence at the site.”

The publication quoted one person as saying that behaviour at the site had forced them to return home: “Because of lots of horrendous behaviour from a certain group of people last night, we’ve had to come home because of it.”

The person was further quoted as saying kids were “heartbroken and devastated and devastated” and staff at the park were “upset” as they had put a lot effort into the entertainment this weekend.

Police said there was “significant disorder” at the park during the early hours of Christmas morning and that they were now investigating an incident of alleged grievous bodily harm “related to the disturbance”.

Officers are to remain “highly visible” at the site for the next 24 hours to “respond to community concerns.”

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