Animal Rebellion protesters climb Government building demanding UK go vegan 6 months ago

Animal Rebellion protesters climb Government building demanding UK go vegan

They're calling for the end of government subsidies to the meat and dairy industries

Animal rights activists associated with Animal Rebellion have been photographed scaling a government building in central London.


The protesters climbed up the Defra building as part of a wave of protests conducted by them and other eco groups ahead of the climate summit in Glasgow this weekend.


The group tweeted on Tuesday morning a picture of its activists scaling the building for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The group tweeted: "Animal Rebellion protestors have scaled DEFRA, demanding government support for a plant-based food system at COP26. The protestors have said that they will take action until the government defunds meat and subsidises a plant-based transition.

"Meat and dairy is one of the leading producers of greenhouse gases and causes 90% of Amazon deforestation. World leaders at cannot [sic] talk about meeting the Paris Climate targets and securing global net zero without addressing that our food system is destroying our planet."

Police and fire services are on the scene but no arrests have been made


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