Adil Ray slams football fans booing German national anthem at Euro 2020 as ‘despicable’ 6 months ago

Adil Ray slams football fans booing German national anthem at Euro 2020 as ‘despicable’

Debate over booing continues on GMB

Good Morning Britain has been relatively tame since the departure of its former host Piers Morgan. However, GMB is not without its occasional drama, even now. Actor, author, and television host Adil Ray did not think twice before calling out the so-called fans who booed during the German national anthem.


When former politician Jeffrey Archer claimed the atmosphere was "friendly" Ray had to disagree, bringing up the fact that England 'fans' continued to boo throughout the duration of the game. He also claimed that the stadium 'turned the music up' in the hopes of drowning out the persistent boos. Ray had actually been in the crowd during the game, and had the following to say:

"The booing of the knee which we almost expect now, which is ridiculous, but there was the booing of the German national anthem and it wasn’t just by a few. I don’t think it got picked up by TV because they turned the music up halfway through the booing.


"But I just thought it was despicable."

Archer responded to Ray to which co-host Kate Galloway agreed with both men.

"Surely we’ve reached an age now where there’s an entire new generation of Germans who shouldn’t be treated this way. What happened over a four or five year period in Germany is not their fault. It was a wonderful match, it was a wonderful victory and let’s applaud the Germans as well."


But Ray was not about to let up, insisting that it was both uncalled for and disrespectful. This also contributes to the argument against booing the young german girl.

At the end when they lost they were still waving their flags, it was incredible. What is winning in sport about? It’s not really about putting the ball in the back of the net, it is about the reputation and the honour of you and your country.


‘If your opposition are gonna go away thinking, “They just booed our national anthem, they’ve been sending xenophobic tweets to a young girl who was crying at the game.

‘I know it’s only a small minority but come on, what is the point in supporting your team if you’re not gonna do it with honour, class and decorum.’