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16th Aug 2015

A computer has made a list of the five funniest puns it knows

They are pretty funny, to be fair...


Technology can now tell what’s funny.

Well what’s a funny pun anyway.

New research by Justine Kao, a cognitive psychologist at Stanford University has led to the creation of a computer programme that can rate the hilarity of a pun accurately against a human reaction.

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So, which puns came out on top?

  • My battery had an alkaline problem, so it went to AA meetings
  • The man put his name on the neck of his shirt so he would have collar ID
  • Herb gardeners who work extra get thyme and a half
  • Last night, I kept dreaming that I had written Lord of the Rings. The wife said I’d been Tolkien in my sleep
  • An electrician is a bright spark who knows what’s watt

The least funny puns, according to the computer are these:

  • To heir is human
  • You should run really fast but be careful not to brake anything
  • If a barista is not allowed to make espresso she will lose her tamper
  • When you use glue in class it paste to be careful
  • Did you know that donuts were first made in Greece?

They’re pretty good, but we still think the JOE team’s favourite jokes are better.

H/T i100