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15th Dec 2021

82-year-old says she’ll spend Xmas day making love to toyboy husband half her age

Charlie Herbert

She said they will only take a break to watch the Queen

Iris Jones, the 82-year-old grandma married to a man less than half her age, has said that her and her husband will spend Christmas Day in bed together.

Jones is married to 36-year-old Mohamed Ibriham, who finally managed to move to the UK and live with his new wife last month, with the couple having first met in 2019.

They then got married in November 2020 but were forced to spend almost a year apart as the Home Office needed proof of their relationship and details of Ibriham’s finances to grant him a spousal visa.

This was until last month, when Ibriham finally managed to move to the UK and moved in with Jones in her bungalow near Weston-super-Mare.

And it sounds like they both have Christmas Day sorted already.

Speaking to Closer magazine, Jones said that they simply plan to spend all day in bed together.

She said: “On Christmas Day, Mohamed and I will just stay in bed!

“We’ll have cheese on toast followed by mince pies and whipped cream, which I’ll eat off his body – I’ve never done that before.

“We’ll take a break to watch the Queen‘s speech but other than that, you’ll find us between the sheets.”

Because neither of the two are religious, Jones says they’ve decided not to get each other gifts as they “already have everything [they] want.”

Jones also spoke about her sex life with Mohamed, saying that their first night together had felt “like being a virgin again.”

“It was so pleasurable,” she said. “It was the first time I’d ever enjoyed making love.”

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