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29th Jul 2018

Watch Mary Berry play drums for Rick Astley at Camp Bestival

No, really

Kyle Picknell

*Insert clever pun about jam here*

Camp Bestival put on a bit of a show on Friday after Mary Berry joined ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ crooner Rick Astley on stage to play drums.

How did this happen?

We’re not sure, other than Astley saying ‘he bumped into’ the former Bake Off favourite whilst wandering the campsite.

Why did this happen?

Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways, I guess.

What more can you tell us?

I don’t know really. It is just genuinely Mary Berry having a bit of a drum solo to Rick Astley’s ‘Beautiful Life’ off his new album of the same name. I don’t know what else to tell you. Watch the video below if you don’t believe me.

You see? You see how this is a real thing that happened?

And it wasn’t just the crowd that were left equal parts bemused and impressed, as festival organiser and DJ Rob Da Bank uploaded a, quite frankly, ridiculously strange photo on Instagram with the caption: “Never imagined this moment in my most hallucinogenic dreams.”

Look at the pair of them.

What a life this is, what a timeline we’re living in.

Finally, if you know what ‘Rick Rolling’ is, please click here.

You definitely, definitely won’t regret it.