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01st Jan 2017

Ed Sheeran confirms he will be releasing new music… and it will be out this week

“The best thing I have made thus far”

Conor Heneghan

Welcome back, Ed.

2017 got off to the best possible start for Ed Sheeran fans on Sunday when the singer confirmed that he will be releasing new material this year.

And he’s not hanging around either, announcing (without actually saying a word) in a nine-second video on his Twitter account that new music will be on its way as early as this Friday, January 6.

Sheeran has had plenty of time to put some new material together, having taken a break from performing and from social media in 2016 and he has previously flagged the impending release – his third album – as “the best thing I have made thus far”.

Looking forward to it, Ed. We’ve missed you.


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