The JOE Music Quiz: Week 15 4 years ago

The JOE Music Quiz: Week 15

It's time for a refresh

It's week 15 of The JOE Music Quiz and I felt like it needed a change, an overhaul, an upgrade, a refresh.


It's always nice to add a level of consistency so you'll notice newly titled rounds this week and these rounds will remain the same each week moving forward.

So allow me to explain.

ROUND ONE: ALBUM COVERS. It's pretty self-explanatory really. I'll be testing your knowledge on cover art from certain albums which may include me looking for you to identify them, answer general questions about them, or just work out if certain facts about them are true or false.


ROUND TWO: FINISH THE LYRIC. Again another pretty self-explanatory round. I'll be throwing lines and lyrics your way with words missing and you'll need to identify what lyrics plug the gap.

ROUND THREE: GENRES. So each week I'll be giving you an entire round that focuses on a particular music genre. Obviously there are only so many musical genres available in the world so once we've gone through them once we will circle back around, or maybe I'll just throw the same genre in whenever I feel like it. This week's genre is Hip Hop.

ROUND FOUR: ARTIST. Much like the genres round, each week I will focus on a different artist. So one week it may be Madonna, the next it might be Stormzy, who knows? But each week will be different. This week's artist is Michael Jackson.

ROUND FIVE: WEEK IN REVIEW. The final round has always focused on general knowledge. But if you really paid attention you'd see it was general knowledge spanning from events that occurred in the week of the quiz. With that said we're sticking with the same formula but we're just calling it Week In Review to make it a little more clearer.


So... START YOUR ENGINES! And good luck.

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