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25th Jun 2017

The best and funniest flags spotted at Glastonbury 2017

Festival goers can be so creative.

Wil Jones

These are all amazing.

Ok, so you were probably more excited about Radiohead, or Stormzy, or even Jeremy Corbyn. But the flags of Glastonbury are an annual tradition, with festival goers spending incredible amounts of time, effort and money in the hope of getting Jo Whiley to give them a quick shout-out on TV.

And this year did not disappoint. Glastonbury 2017’s flag game was particularly strong, and here are some of our favourites.

Theresa May running through a field of wheat

Of course the phrase of the summer was going to make an appearance.

“Men With Ven”

“Wenger Out”

Arsenal fans can be terrible everywhere, even in a field.

Blackburn Rovers fans with a ‘Venkys Out’ flag

“My mate was on The Chase”

An important event that needs to be immortalised in flag-form.

“Gary Lineker shags crisps”

No comment.

“Big bag of cans with the lads”

Just perfect.

But just be glad you weren’t stuck behind the guy with the flag.