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10th Aug 2018

Sky’s night that’s dedicated to Oasis will feature a gig with one of their greatest ever setlists

Paul Moore

The documentary is great too. Get the beers in

Despite the fact that Noel and Liam are both touring their own material, they’ll still never be able to match the magic of Oasis being in sync because when they were good, there was nobody that could touch them.

Ever since that infamous bust-up at Rock En Seine in Paris, fans have been clinging to the on-again/off-again/on-again/off-again hope that the two brothers will patch things up and while hope springs eternal, we’ve been taking comfort in the remarkable back catalogue of tunes that helped to define the Britpop era.

Hands up if you’ve ever found yourself going down an Oasis YouTube wormhole? You know what we mean. Replaying famous old gigs, laughing at some retro interviews and just wishing that they were still around as a band.

Sky Arts have the perfect thing in store on Saturday night because they’re dedicating a night to the Manchester idols and if you’ve never seen  Oasis: Live by the Sea,  you’re in for a treat.

Aside from that famous gig in Southend Cliffs Pavilion, Sky will be broadcasting a host of documentaries and gigs about the Gallagher brothers but there’s something special about that performance on the night of April 17 1995.

“Hello everyone,” is all that Liam says before the band take to the stage and burst into an absolutely thumping version of Rock and Roll Star in which the frontman’s voice is absolutely remarkable.

Away from the swagger, insults and antics, it’s easy to forget just how good a voice the Liam of this era has and during this performance, there’s something refreshing about seeing a crowd that’s not staring at their phones or recording footage. They’re just losing their minds and having fun.

It takes 20 seconds until we get our first crowd surfer and the entire setlist is a joy to behold.

For me, this is a perfect example of the stunning array of tracks that Oasis recorded during the period

This gig took place in the midway period between Definitely Maybe and (What’s the Story?) Morning Glory and during this show, it’s clear to see that they were perfecting their craft, fine-tuning their live performances and building up to be the band of the decade.

There’s even a moment when Liam loses the rag after an object is thrown up on stage and he says “don’s start ruining it for everyone tinker” but that’s the draw of Oasis. That untamed swagger that was unpredictable, dangerous and thrilling in equal measure.

It’s not all perfect, you can see that they’re still struggling to nail Some Might Say and Noel happily admits when he f**ks up during the acoustic segment when he’s performing D’Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman? but he more than makes up for that mistake with a blistering rendition of their underrated classic – and my own favourite Oasis track – Talk Tonight.

Aside from this, the entire setlist is a treat for Oasis fans with lesser-played gems like like Up in the Sky, Headshrinker and It’s Good to Be Free sitting nicely beside the fan-favourites like Columbia, Slide Away, Live Forever, and Supersonic.

If you’re wondering what else is in store on Oasis night, it’s going to be an absolute treat for fans of the iconic band this Saturday. Take a look below.

Saturday 11 August 21.00 Sky Arts & NOW TV.