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30th Jul 2018

Skepta announces he’s going to be a father sharing baby sonogram

Will Lavin

Looks like there’s a new Adenuga on the way

Congratulations appear to be in order for Skepta who today posted a pregnancy scan via his Instagram.

The rapper, real name Joseph Adenuga, posted the sonogram which read ‘Baby Adenuga’ this afternoon prompting congratulations from friends and fans alike.

The scan suggests that the pregnancy is in its third trimester.

The new arrival is set to join a long line of famous Adenugas. Of course there’s Skepta himself. There’s his rapping brother JME. Then there’s his sister Julie, who is famed for her work as a radio presenter.

Now the question on everyone’s lips: who is the mother?

Is it super model Naomi Campbell, who has been rumoured to have been dating Skepta ever since the pair posed semi-naked together for GQ.

Campbell also previously shared a pic of herself topless and wearing boxers from Skepta’s range Mains, with the “Shutdown” rapper gazing at her from across the couch. She soon deleted the message.

While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, if it’s not Naomi Campbell who is the mother then it could be Skepta’s rumoured secret long-term girlfriend’s child.

Regardless of who the mother is, congratulations are definitely in order for the man who has helped push grime culture to new heights and won the Mercury Prize back in 2016 for his album Konnichiwa.


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