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15th Jul 2018

People are very disappointed by Drake’s Fire in the Booth

Charlie Sloth enjoyed it though

Reuben Pinder

Charlie Sloth enjoyed it though

Just two weeks after releasing his latest album Scorpion, Drake has been back in the studio to record his Fire in the Booth with BBC Radio 1’s Charlie Sloth.

The seven minute preview has received mixed reviews among fans of the Canadian rapper, although Drake’s peers seem to like it.

London born rapper Dave described it as “ridiculously hard”, but Radio 1 listeners have been much more critical.

Given his status as one of the most best rappers in the world, people were expecting a lot more. Although, dropping a killer Fire in the Booth is a different art to creating a solid album.

Charlie Sloth, the presenter of the show, was much more enthusiastic than the listeners though, to the extent that people grew frustrated with his overuse of the sound effects board.

That’s just classic Charlie though. He likes to make his guests feel appreciated.

But don’t let public opinion sway your judgement, listen for yourself and form your own judgement of the seven minute freestyle.