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25th Jun 2017

Katy Perry managed to annoy a lot of Scottish people at Glastonbury

Wil Jones

That’s not a “blue flag with the X”, Katy.

Katy Perry played the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury on Saturday. By all accounts, it was a storming set, glitter cannons, extravagant choreography and dancing giant eyeballs. It even ended with her crowd-surfing.

However, she didn’t go down perfectly with everyone – especially the Scottish contingent watching along at home. At one point, she called out to the crowd and said:

I can see all of you. Even that security guard in the neon. Way in the back by that blue flag with the X.

That ‘blue flag with the X’ was of course the Scottish flag, the Saltire – and more than a few Scots very disappointed to discover she didn’t recognise it.

And of course, there were a few Groundkeeper Willie memes.