Kanye West's songs voted better than Eminem in landslide fan vote 10 months ago

Kanye West's songs voted better than Eminem in landslide fan vote

I Am A God vs Rap God

Kanye West's music has been voted better than Eminem's by rap fans, in a massive new poll.


Over half a million votes were cast in the Twitter poll by All Love Hip Hop, which pitted 20 Kanye tracks against 20 Eminem hits.

Kanye's music won 18 of the 20 rounds, with 'All Falls Down' beating 'Sing for the Moment,' 'Black Skinhead' beating 'Rap God,' and 'Stronger' topping out 'Without Me'.

The only two Slim Shady tracks to claim victory were 'My Name Is,' which beat the 'Diamonds From Sierra Leone' remix with Jay Z, and 'The Real Slimy Shady,' which got more votes than 'Gold Digger'.


Of course, Eminem fans should just chill as opposed to getting angry about the result. This is just a poll, and it doesn't mean Slim Shady isn't one of the greatest of all time. It also might just mean that Kanye just has more rabid stans on Twitter. And Eminem invented the term 'stan'.

We would also quibble a little with All Love Hip Hop's song choices. Em's biggest hit in the UK, 'Lose Yourself' from the 8 Mile soundtrack, not included. That song even won an Oscar!

There does not seem to be any actual animosity between Kanye West and Eminem though. The duo collaborated on 'Forever' in 2009, from the LeBron James documentary More Than a Game, that also featured Drake and Lil Wayne.

And in September this year, Kanye tweeted thanking Em for appearing on an as-yet-unreleased Dr Dre remix of 'Use This Gospel'.