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10th Jun 2017

Jme had the best response to people criticising him for getting political

Wil Jones

One of the most heartening things about Thursday’s General Election was the amount of young people that voted – with some reports suggesting that turnout was as high as 72% amongst 18 to 25 year olds.

A lot of the has been attributed to the #GRIME4CORBYN movement, with artists like AJ Tracey and Novelist offering their support to Labour. Undoubtedly though, the figure who made the biggest impact was Jme, who as well as tweeting frequently encouraging his fans to vote, even interviewed Corbyn for i-D.

This didn’t sit well with some of the Conservative-support press, with the Daily Mail in particular publishing stories trying to discredit the MC.

But now that the dust has (somewhat) settled, Jme posted an incredible threat, hitting back at those who criticised him.

Well said.