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26th Jun 2017

Here’s why there’s no Glastonbury Festival in 2018

Paul Moore

Michael Eavis has given a small glimmer of hope…on one condition.

As festival goers try to get rid of the mud, tiredness and hangover that they’ve brought back from Glastonbury, their focus has already switched to the next gig.

Granted, there’s still loads of great festivals and concerts that are taking place this summer – take a look at Reading & Leeds, Wireless, Latitude and more – but for Glastonbury diehards, the focus has already switched to next year, but there’s good and bad news.

The bad news is that as things are, there’s going to be no festival at Worthy Farm in 2018.

Why is this? Well, the toll that each festival takes on the land is massive. Just think about all that rubbish , left over tents and discarded sleeping bags. All this without mentioning the fact that hundreds of thousands of people have trampled over this farmland.

Every six years the festival takes a break year, or in agricultural parlance a “fallow year”, will be observed in 2018 which will allow the land, and the wildlife living on it, to thrive without human interference.

As reported by the BBC, the environment around Glastonbury is home to “squirrels, bats, jays, woodpeckers, blackbirds, woodmice, dormice, rabbits, foxes, millipedes, centipedes, butterflies, beetles, wasps, ants and owls,” they need to have an atmosphere that isn’t spoiled by human interference.

This being said, Michael Eavis, the festival organiser, has told The Guardian that he is “already regretting” the decision to take a year our and said that “there’s one band I want to re-form – if they re-form, I’ll change my mind”.

While he didn’t reveal who that band is, he did add: “It’s not One Direction.”

Ok, if you’re listening Oasis, Led Zeppelin, The Smiths or Abba, it’s time to reform!