Eminem lit up New York with an epic performance on top of the Empire State Building 3 years ago

Eminem lit up New York with an epic performance on top of the Empire State Building

From 8 Mile Road to 8 miles high

Okay, so perhaps the Empire State Building isn't quite that tall, but it's bloody tall and last night Eminem filmed a special performance from the top of it.


Filmed exclusively for Jimmy Kimmel Live! and presented by Google Pixel 3, Eminem performed new single "Venom", taken from both his new album Kamikaze and the soundtrack for the Marvel motion picture Venom, starring Tom Hardy.

Like his very own Die Hard movie - but instead of fighting off bad guys on his way to the top of the tower he had to collect microphones - Eminem makes his way up to the top of the 1250ft tall New York tourist attraction stopping off on various floors to spit different parts of the record.

With cameos from frequent collaborator and D12 member Mr. Porter, as well as Kimmel's security guard sidekick Guillermo, who shares a pretty hilarious moment with Em in an elevator when the Detroit rapper gives him a history lesson, it's the Empire State Building's cameo that impresses the most.


Much like the M&Ms Guillermo mistakes Eminem for, it offers a variety of colours. Changing colours throughout the entire performance, Whatever you're looking for it's got it. Red? Blue? White? Green? A mix? The tower offers it all.

Not content on just being shot from the ground, filming Em's every move the wide shot shows helicopters surrounding the top of the tower in an almost King Kong-esque scenario. Who said that music videos didn't have big budgets anymore?

Watch Eminem's exclusive performance below:


Eminem's Kamikaze is out now.