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15th Mar 2017

DJ class for beginners at Nottingham school turns into a 250-strong rave with police called

Paul Moore

The class was supposed to end at 10pm. The last person left the school at 3.30am.

If you’re looking for a good night that has cracking music, a dancefloor that’s wedged and a guaranteed all-nighter, we recommend  Rushcliffe School, Boundary Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham.

Only kidding but what unfolded there during a recent class is like something out of Project X.

While this bastion of education is more familiar with shaping minds through books than blowing them with tunes, a recent evening class for prospective DJs didn’t go as planned.

As reported by the Nottingham Post, a recent DJ class for beginners was expected to last from 7pm until 10pm but the party that followed required the fire brigade and police to show up.

With 250 people in attendance, the rave lasted until 3:30 am with minor damage incurring.

The class wasn’t organised by the school and Steve Lewis, head teacher at Rushcliffe School, has spoken to the Nottingham Post about the incident. The roof wasn’t on fire, but the fire brigade were called.

“Sadly staff were not on site, the person was known to them (Field Sports Management). They were given the responsibility and that responsibility was placed in the wrong hands. There was 250 people and it lasted until 3.30am, and at one point the fire brigade got called out because the smoke alarm went off.”

“We are absolutely mortified by it. It is nothing that the school would ever want to be connected with, or Field Sports Management. We are part of the community and want to support it and be good residents”, Lewis added.

The Nottinghamshire Police stated that “officers are satisfied that no offences have been committed.”

A real life version of Project X in the East Midlands. Now that’s a film we would love to see.