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09th Jul 2017

Coldplay guitarist was hit with a beer bottle during Dublin show

There's always one...

Conor Heneghan

The only dampener on what looked like an incredible night.

When 80,000 people gather together for a concert, there is always likely to be an idiot or two amongst the audience determined to spoil it for everyone else.

On what was, by all accounts, an amazing night at Croke Park on Saturday night, someone tried to do just that by chucking a plastic beer container in the direction of the stage, which struck guitarist Jonny Buckland on the shoulder.

Buckland seemed to be fine as a result and to his credit, Chris Martin handled the situation well without making a huge fuss, first joking that it was his mother that threw the container before requesting that such an act not be repeated for the rest of the performance.

Martin initially thought that it had been water thrown in the direction of the stage, but was corrected by Buckland, who confirmed that it had been beer.

The incident was captured on camera by JOE reader Clare Reynolds, but in a lengthier clip below, boos from the crowd can be heard before Chris Martin jokingly asks his bandmate if he wants to stop the show and generates a big cheer when informing them that he’s OK.

Clip via Michael MacKenzie

Incidentally, before Buckland was struck with the container, Martin was making reference to a cameo appearance by Coldplay drummer, Will Champion, (who appeared, fittingly, playing a bodhrán) in the infamous ‘Red Wedding’ episode of Game of Thrones (see below).

Clip via vanessarrent

We don’t want to give away any spoilers or anything with the new season just around the corner, but let’s just say the person responsible for throwing the beer was lucky that there was no ‘Red Wedding’ style revenge meted out by Coldplay for the incident on Saturday night.

Besides, with everyone having such a good time, including one wheelchair-bound fan who surfed through the crowds to perform on stage with Chris Martin, we’re sure it was forgotten about in a hurry.

Cheers to Clare Reynolds for sending this our way.