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22nd Apr 2016

CNN news w-anchor embarrasses himself live on TV reporting on Prince’s death

Mate. Seriously?

Prince is an icon of our time who was as prolific in his songwriting as he was brilliant in his consistent genius. But if you ask anyone – whether music fan or not – which song they most clearly associate with the late artist, nine times out of ten it would be the 1984 power ballad ‘Purple Rain’.

Everyone knows the song. It is a modern masterpiece that will leave an indelible mark on humanity’s psyche for all times. Without any trace of hyperbole, it will forever remain a defining track of the late twentieth century. A moment of pop perfection.

Sadly, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer hasn’t got the foggiest and this was apparent in his faux-sincere report on the artist’s death on the US news channel. With a level of irony that borders on satire, Blitzer referred to Prince’s unforgettable signature tune thus: “All of us of course remember – Purple Haze…’

This is what it sounds like when Wolves f*ck up live on telly…