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12th Jul 2018

Charlie Sloth reveals Drake’s Fire in the Booth is actually happening

A date and time have been confirmed

Kyle Picknell


Fire in the Booth, whatever you think about Charlie Sloth and Charlie Sloth’s shouting and Charlie Sloth’s keyboards in the school music room effects noises, has long been a fantastic series in which the best rappers from the UK head into the 1Xtra studios to prove their lyrical mettle.

Occasionally, big names from across the pond join Big Charles, and highlights in the past have included Vince Staples and Logic making appearances.

For whatever reason, our American counterparts just haven’t lived up to some of the very best homegrown Fire sessions, with the likes of Akala, Stormzy, Akala again, Lowkey, Akala a third time, and Wretch 32 & Avelino all producing some incredible moments behind the mic.

In an Instagram post released today, captioned simply ‘Problem’ with a scorpion emoji, Charlie Sloth has revealed he is upping the ante just a little bit:

In the video Sloth states:

“I walked in the studio and I’m like, I need to drop a special Fire in the Booth. I dunno… all the best rappers in the UK have done it. I’m thinking I need the best rapper in the world.”

And at this point, just when you’re expecting, I don’t know, Andre 3000 or Kendrick or Nas to pop out from behind him, it is Drizzy, stroking his beard and looking very, very pleased with himself.

Still, this is definitely exciting, and we’ll get to see if Drake can channel all the chart monopolising success of Scorpion into one of the best Fire in the Booths to date.

You’ll get to hear it at 9pm on Saturday 14.

Until then, watch the master show you how it’s done: