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04th May 2016

Bowie fans discovered a beautiful secret hidden in the sleeve of his final album

A final surprise

Ellen Tannam

The world has lost many influential artists this year, and we’ve only just started into May.

One of the biggest losses by far was the shock news of David Bowie’s passing in January, after a secret battle with cancer.

Before his death, he had released a final album Blackstar, which was described as a “parting gift” to fans.

For that reason, the video for the single ‘Lazarus’ is very moving.

Months after his death, it seems that fans have found a secret surprise that came with the vinyl edition of the album.

Apparently, if you leave the gatefold of the vinyl in the sun (not the record, it will be ruined), a series of stars appears.

He was the Starman after all.

What a beautiful hidden gift.

(Lead images via The Independent/Reddit)