Conor McGregor slammed for encouraging son to 'hit' child in the face 1 year ago

Conor McGregor slammed for encouraging son to 'hit' child in the face

'The Notorious' UFC fighter has upset people online for encouraging his son to hit another child in the face

Our parents all went one of two ways when they were bringing us up: you either use your words or you fight back. Of course, no one is ever going to condone parents encouraging their kids to hit other children, but it can't come as any surprise that a man who's made a living off using his fists and feet to pummel grown men favours fighting back.


In a video posted to his official Facebook page, Conor McGregor can be seen filming his three-year-old son who had, apparently, just been "hit in the back" by another child. In the clip that also sees the Irish fighter showing his son a gold chain that represents the "McGregor family crest" (a gold lion with a crown on), he then goes on to say "hit him back [...] hit him in the mouth".

You can see the full video here:


Lion King McGregors 🦁

Posted by Conor McGregor on Monday, April 12, 2021

The comments below the video are just as you'd expect. While plenty of his fans and presumably even neutral parents don't see what the fuss is about - with one commenter saying, "My dad told me to go for the nose and groin. What is wrong with protecting yourself? Grow up and stop parent shaming" - there are plenty on both sides.

Some people have been fairly straightforward with it: "Lovely! Telling a kid to go for the mouth or nose to hit another kid. Great parenting, not!"; on the other hand, however, some people have a got a lot more cryptic and philosophical about it.


One person said: "That innocent soul should not take a sip of that illicit brew that you like to take as breakfast, lunch and dinner. You know what I mean" - before adding the bicep flex emoji. Way to get deep with it.

It is worth reminding people that it's probably not the best to tell your children to go and hit others in the mouth will-nilly; certainly don't encourage it on social media, even if you are a professional fighter - hell hath no fury like an angry Facebook commenter.

It's also worth pointing out that while he is encouraging his son to go and hit the child back, that Conor Jr. isn't interested in "why we train" or doing any more boxing: the little lad is on a family holiday, he probably doesn't need his dad to be teaching him how to keep his guard up and sweep the leg.

Parents are always going to argue over whether you should be diplomatic, tell a teacher, or give the bully a thump back, but it's fair to say you don't really need to be worrying about teaching kids to fight at this age - especially when it's likely over something so little.