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04th Apr 2016

Zero f*cks swan brings Manchester traffic on busy road to a standstill

Nooruddean Choudry

Rush hour traffic and this swan couldn’t give a flying f*ck.

Manchester writer Joe Daly spotted the feathered felon on a busy Mancunian road, and was as taken aback as we are by the sheer bravado of the bird.

The daily drive to work became a painful crawl for commuters on Great Ancoats Street, as traffic had to slow down to accommodate the happy flapper, who was totally unperturbed by the huge HGV to its rare.

Credit to the lorry driver, who wasn’t about to alarm the swaggering swan, and instead waited patiently whilst traffic built up behind them.

Daly, of literature organisation Bad Language commented on Twitter: “Manchester Swan taking his time to work on Monday morning.”

It turns out we may have a new celebrity on our hands, judging by the response to the webbed pedestrian…

In fairness to the waddling jaywalker, it is a swan way street (sorry…)