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20th Jan 2016

You shouldn’t have this after-dinner treat if you’re planning on having sex


It’s a cruel trick of nature that two of our base instincts are eating and having sex.

They’re both things we do on dates, but often times they do NOT sit well together.

There is nothing less sexy than hopping into the sack after a big meal which has left you feeling bloated, lethargic and gassy.

Although it’s common sense not to eat a burger wrapped in a pizza right before you get down and dirty, we didn’t really include our after-dinner espresso in the no-go sex list.

coffee sex

In fact, an espresso after dinner is often touted as a great way to aid digestion and beat the lethargy that we are trying to avoid.

However, Dr William Chey, a professor at the University of Michigan and advisor to the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, advises you skip this treat, especially if you’ve already got some date-related nerves:

“Depending on how much you typically drink, how your body processes caffeine, and the strength of the coffee you’re drinking, strong coffee drinks can amplify the nervousness that triggers stomach issues like diarrhea — the last thing you need when getting close to your partner.”



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