You can now be paid to be a professional cheese eater 3 years ago

You can now be paid to be a professional cheese eater

Can it really brie?

Remember all those careers advise meetings you had in school? The ones you bumbled through and didn't know what to say, as the man opposite you - tie loose, beads of sweat on his forehead, a look of resignation in his eyes that told you this definitely wasn't the job he wanted to do - tried to convince you to pick yourself a trade. Or go to university. Or join the army.


Well, it turns out that if you'd travelled into the future and read this article before you had that "sit down", then you'd have had the perfect response to those questions about what you wanted to do with your life. Because a company in Manchester is advertising for a professional cheese taster.

The delivery company Sorted are looking to recruit an assistant to their current in-house Director of Cheese. Perks of the job include being able to eat an unlimited amount of cheese and 40 days holiday plus your birthday off.

A man and a woman in Germany cut some cheese (Credit: Getty)

The successful candidate will have an "in-depth knowledge of both domestic and foreign cheese" as well as understanding how to "balance flavours for varying tastes and pallets".

Sorted's current Director of Cheese, Emma Smith, said: "It's not easy being cheesy and we don't just mean some of the team's questionable playlists.

"I'm in need of an assistant who knows how to Caerphilly create a good cheese (leader) board and doesn't mind a faint odour following them after work.


"This role isn't about cheese. It's about culture; a culture that's fostered by the people at Sorted - making it a one-off place to be employed that puts its people first.

"Our people are like family. Sorted staff are brave, bold, creative and take risks, so Sorted is a place that truly develops and encourages its talent. And of course, loves a slice of cheese... or three!"

You can apply for the job here.