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13th Mar 2018

You can now fly from London to New York for £99

James Dawson

You can finally go to the Big Apple on a budget.

Great news guy, you can now fly all the way from London to New York for less than a hundred pounds. That’s right, you’re talking just 99 smackers to take you across the Atlantic. How’s about that for a bargain?

Primera Air is launching £99 flights to New York, Boston, Toronto and Washington DC, so sack off that weekend in the Peak District and get yourself over to America.

All routes depart from London Stansted and tickets will be available on a first come first served basis, the price of the ticket includes just 10kg luggage allowance, but who’s arguing with that at these prices?

They will go on sale on March 22 at 9am and will likely sell out in minutes.

A statement from the airline read: “Taking the strain of searching tirelessly for affordable international travel options, Primera Air’s mission is to make expensive long-haul travel history.”

Primera Air CEO Hrafn Thorgeirsson told the Telegraph: “At Heathrow there are no slots available and Gatwick is really saturated and very difficult to get any proper slots.

“Nobody is serving Stansted right now for our market.”