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23rd May 2018

You can now buy car air fresheners with your best mate’s face on

You can put ANYTHING on the design


Road trip!

The deeply troubled folk over at Firebox have launched a product that is sure to prompt a very stern ‘wtf’ reaction on the internet.

Say hello to the dumbest thing you’re going to purchase this year, the personalised car air freshener.

Take your friends, family and even pets on a car journey which is both fun, safe and comes in a variety of different scents.

Have you got an aunt that smells like bacon, a dog that smells like coffee or an old substitute teacher that reeked of fresh linen? Well allow those memories to become a harrowing reality by getting their faces put on air fresheners that can bob along on every car journey from now until the sweet release of death catches up with you.

My personal favourite scent option is ‘new car’, a smell that always goes down a treat in my 2005 Mini One which has at present three separate dents in it from three different carpark hit and runs of which I tragically fell victim to. ‘Wow, is this a new car? Sure smells like it!’, my friends ask as they finally hop in, having spent three minutes waiting for me to manually open the passenger door because my car’s central locking ability has long left this soulless planet.

So whose face are you going to put on the air freshener? The world is truly your oyster. I’ve drafted some options which I’m happy for you to pilfer. Simply think of this stunning piece of content each time you get a waft of new car smell off these bad boys.

Kim Kardashian Cry Face 

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball


Yodel Kid

Ryan Seacrest Trying To High Five A Blind Guy

10p Freddos

Personalise a car air freshener to your preference here