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22nd Dec 2016

Women share the little things men did that ruined a date

Ones to definitely avoid.

Megan Roantree

This is very entertaining to read.

Dates are difficult. Even the good ones can be awkward and uncomfortable.

Sometimes, even when you’re on a date with someone you like, it can still be a nerve-wracking experience, and sometimes, from that first date, you can be damn sure they’re not the one for you.

Women on Reddit have been sharing the one small thing their suitor did that ruined a perfectly good date.

The results have been a combination of terrifying and hilarious. Some clashes are a result of minor differences between the couple and others time it can be because they whipped their willy out at the table (this really happened to one of the women).

Reddit user SuperSlims posted the questions: ‘Women of Reddit, What was the smallest thing a guy did on a date that seemed to be going really well, that completely ruined it?’

Some of the response were minor things, though we could understand why they would cause irritancy – stuffing your face, for example.

”Date was going great, nice guy, really sweet, very smart.

When he ate he took like 4 or 5 bites at a time before chewing. He filled his face as full as legally possible. His cheeks would bulge out and he could barely keep his lips shut. You could see all the food mashed up and grinding around through his little mouth hole.

I knew in that moment that I hated him.” –effieokay

Other times it’s due to over-eagerness and making presumptions.

  ”Met this guy off Tinder, he showed up to my house with an overnight bag…. And then it was over before it started.” –Mandspants

Sometimes it’s hard to see past flatulence.

”He farted.

Now one fart, that’s just hilarious.

But multiple farts, making it sound like your digestive system is going to explode – combined with the smell of a thousand rotting corpses – just… no.

I don’t date much, and he was a good guy. I just couldn’t get past the endless farting.” –KirinG

For many people rudeness is an immediate deal breaker.

”He interrupted me about 3 times in 5 minutes. Not like nervous interruption or absent-minded, just “what I have to say is more important than what you are saying.”

That is a bad, bad way to start a relationship.”-effieokay

”He took out his phone and start texting his friend. I don’t like to spy on people, so I didn’t ask him what’s he was doing. He continued to do so quite a while and I just sat there awkwardly eating my food. That’s when I knew he’s not for me.” –naughtyputin

”He totally trashed a waitress. There was something he just didn’t like about the meal and he just went on and on on her, just being beyond rude. He was super conceited, too.” –lmckl1

And finally this one should be a known no-go:

“Everything was going really great. He is smart and funny, and easy to talk to. He seems like a great dad to his kids and gets along ok with his ex (always a good sign). Just really down-to-earth guy and it seemed like there was some nice chemistry. After dinner we decided to go have a drink at a fun little bar about a mile away. We got in his car to drive over there. He kissed me, which was nice.

Then he took out his penis.”

Ladies and gentlemen, dating is actually pretty simple, just don’t be rude, don’t fart and please please don’t whip out your genitals.