Woman who got 'it's coming home' tattoo ahead of final has no regrets 10 months ago

Woman who got 'it's coming home' tattoo ahead of final has no regrets

Now that's team spirit!

We've all made questionable decisions before, but Courtney Harrison from Cumbria might have just topped the charts. She made the glorious decision to tattoo "It's coming home 2021" alongside an English flag on her ankle. However, in case you didn't hear, England might have to wait a little longer for it to come home.


The doodle cost her £40/Via SWNS

However, the care worker said she does not regret her decision despite England failing to conquer the 2020 Euros:


"I got it because of the year we've had with Covid, and it was to make the people around me laugh.

"England did well as a team and have brought so many people together and brought us a bit of normality back.

"We were so close so the tattoo will remind me of how good of a team we are and how close we did get."

Ironically, Courtney isn't even a fan of football. However, as with millions of others, Courtney got swept up in the excitement of the Euros after a hard year living in the pandemic. "I don't even like football, I'd never watch the Premier League or anything, but when it's the Euros or the World Cup everyone gets into it don't they?" she said following the Denmark England game.

Harrison intends to edit the tattoo with the word 'not' placed precariously above the original/Via Facebook

"I thought if I get this tattoo I might give the lads a bit of luck - and it seems to have worked so far.

"Watching the game last night was so tense, knowing that I have 'It's coming home' branded onto my skin made me want them to win so much more.

"I couldn't take my eyes off it, you would have thought I was an actual fan."

The tattoo cost Courtney £40, and she has no immediate plans to cover it up. However, she intends to add the word 'Not' between 'It's' and 'coming' with a cute little arrow pointing to space. English spirit is great, but amending a tattoo using a technique you used in school when you missed a word is hardly a masterclass at problem-solving.

Courtney could just amend the date to the World Cup next year and hope for the best for the coming future. But, if history is any signifier, she might be amending that date for quite some time. Sorry, too soon?