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04th Nov 2015

Punter posts selfie with winning betting slip – only for a Facebook ‘friend’ to claim the prize (Pic)


Well it’s safe to say we’d have to cull our friends list after this Facebook blunder.

One Australian woman will surely be doing just that after falling victim to a robbery – where the chief suspect is someone in her own Facebook friends list.

Chantelle, from Perth, Australia, was so excited by her bet at the Melbourne Cup coming in that she shared her excitement by posting a selfie with the winning ticket.

winning ticket selfie

But the Australian’s celebrations were short-lived after someone used the barcode on the winning ticket to claim the $825 (£383) prize.

Chantelle wrote on her Facebook page:

“To the low life who is obviously my friend on Facebook and used my photo to claim our winnings. You’re a massive d*ck. You ruined my day.”

Speaking to Triple M Sydney radio station, she said the station police have tracked where the prize money was claimed and are now tracing the culprit.

We’re betting on a full-scale war when the truth comes out.

While the radio station compensated her the $20 she originally spent on buying the ticket, it’s safe to say Chantelle probably feels like she’s already paid the price for her mistake.

Who needs enemies with friends like these?