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12th Aug 2021

Woman gets engaged to 24-year-old ‘toy boy’ despite huge age gap

Danny Jones

'Toy boy's partner mistaken for grandmother

The couple met while both working at a Dairy Queen in 2021. Quran McCain was 15 at the time. Cheryl McGregor was in her 50s.

A 61-year-old woman, who is regularly being mistaken for her 24-year-old lover’s great-grandmother is now engaged to her young beau.

Cheryl McGregor and Quran McCain may be an unlikely couple by traditional standards, but this hasn’t stopped them from living a seemingly happy life together, in Rome, Georgia, for the past year or so.

Georgia couple with 29-year age gap

The two met at the chain of US dessert restaurants, Dairy Queen, back in 2012, where Cheryl’s son was the manager and both were employees. McCain was just 15 at the time and McGregor in her early 50s.

The pair insist nothing romantic or illegal happened at that time.

Quran himself is actually younger than one of Cheryl’s own children but, nevertheless, the pair insist that the age gap and people’s perceptions of it do not bother them. By all accounts, they are very much in love and despite the staggering 37-year difference between them, they intend to tie the knot sometime this year.


People are still surprised when seeing the pair together romantically but they have also garnered a strong following on TikTok and other social media platforms, where they share videos of them having fun and acting just like any other couple.

“Even though it is an age gap we never think of it because Cheryl has a very young spirit, soul and heart. I think the biggest misconception is that I’m using her or waiting to be put in the will,” Quran says.

As for Cheryl, she admits the relationship is “different but “amazing […] he’s very compassionate to me and I think it’s because he’s a younger man.”

She added: “I couldn’t have that with anybody else, he’s very emotional and that’s something I’ve never dealt with – they were all angry and he’s emotional in a good way because he shows me he really cares.”

Quran went on to say that they “connected on a spiritual level” and that regardless of how people react, he believes others should “Keep doing you, do what makes you happy”.