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14th Apr 2022

Woman dumps boyfriend after his mum refuses to buy her first-class plane ticket

April Curtin

Couple arguing at airport terminal, forgot some things at home, side view

The tension exploded in one nightmare trip to the airport

A woman dumped her boyfriend after his mum allegedly bought everybody else on the trip a first-class plane ticket but her, in what became the tipping point of an ongoing feud.

The woman said her boyfriend’s mum had always disliked her, even before they embarked on their trip to Cabo. She said the mother would make “snide remarks” about her parents’ blue-collar jobs, and was critical of her nursing career.

In true family holiday drama style, things finally came to a head at the airport when it became apparent the mum had bought everybody but her son’s girlfriend a first class ticket, as she explained on Reddit.

The mum was apparently looking pretty smug about it all (Credit: iStock/Zinkevych)

Speaking on the popular “Am I the A**shole? subreddit, the girlfriend said: “She told me I was used to it and she had a free coach ticket so I should be grateful for going. They all did their express check-ins and left me in the long line for me to think about what the heck is going on.

“I had to keep from crying the whole time in line. I got up to the counter and there was a baggage fee for me. My boyfriend at the time never once helped me through the coach line or said anything to his mom”.

The woman, who goes by the username u/NoTGoingThank, said she looked over at his mum’s “smug face” as she was about to pay the checked baggage fee.

She said: “And I let all of my frustrations out on the attendant and started crying.

“Basically, she said, ‘don’t go with that family sweetie, they don’t appreciate you’. I continued to cry and took my luggage and got out and got out of line with the super sweet check-in woman.

“I was so upset about how I’d been treated and started crying to my boyfriend in the airport about how his mother was treating me”.

Girlfriend looking unimpressed in airport while boyfriend stands back

In the end, she decided to dump her boyfriend on the spot – telling him “what a b****” his mum was before leaving the airport.

She said her ex has been ringing her ever since asking why she did that to his mum and that she “wasted everyone’s time and money”.

The woman has since been wondering whether she was the one that was out of order in the situation – but many Reddit users responded with support regarding the way she reacted.

One Reddit user said: “You got out of a really miserable situation. His mother would likely continue to treat you like second class scum, and he would defend her and allow her to do so. Breaking up with him was the best thing you could have done for the peace and happiness of your future self.

“If he’s going to blow up your phone about his mom and her ‘waste of time and money,’ block him. You don’t owe this piece of shit family anything, certainly not free space in your head and added stress.”

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