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04th Apr 2022

Woman cancels wedding after finding fiancé’s secret ‘porn folder’ – containing pics of her sister

Woman cancels wedding after discovering pics of sister in husband's secret 'porn folder'

‘When he clicked on the folder file I saw photos of my sisters and others’

A bride-to-be has told the tale of how she cancelled her “dream wedding” after discovering that her fiance had pictures of her sister in a “porn folder.”

In a video on TikTok, 25-year-old Maria (@lifebymaria) shared her heartbreaking story.

The on-screen text in the clip reads: “Imagine being engaged, 3 months away from your dream wedding, invitations are sent, and on a random Thursday finding out your fiancé has been hiding a porn folder which included photos of your sisters and his co-workers.”

@lifebymaria everything done in the dark comes to light #breakup #breakuptiktok #healing #healingtiktok #exfiancé #brokenengagement #relationships #fyp ♬ to that one person – &lt3

The video has since been viewed more than 750,000 times and received almost 40,000 likes.

Responding to a person in the comments who asked how she found his files, Maria explained: ”He was helping me apply for a job because my computer wasn’t working.

”He downloaded my resume to his work computer and went to his folder files to look where the files were downloaded.”

But when she clicked on one folder, she uncovered photos of her sister, along with other individuals.

”He said he would stare at the photos during work and picture them naked because he was ‘bored’ and it was a thrill for him to do so during work,” Maria added.

She claimed that he would cyber stalk her siblings, taking pictures “cropped from Instagram,” which he then used for “porn purposes.”

In a later video, Maria said that she told him that “if he didn’t get help” he would end up on a sex offender list. He apparently simply replied: “I know.”

@lifebymaria his response was all the closure I needed #brokenengagement #healingjourney #healingtok #breakup #breakuptiktok #exfiancé #relationships #exboyfriend #fyp ♬ original sound – unhaving ;

Plenty of people offered their support and sympathy to Maria in the comments, saying that it was a good job she made the horrifying discovery before the wedding.

“Better than a divorce babe. Saved yourself,” one user commented.

Another agreed, writing: ”Not only you saved yourself, you saved them too.

”He could have done something if you kept quiet about it in hopes to save your relationship.”

”Nauseous for you. Wishing you lots of healing and love,” a third wrote, while someone else added that she had ”dodged a bullet.”

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