Wayne Lineker reacts with surprise to news of his own death 4 years ago

Wayne Lineker reacts with surprise to news of his own death

All things considered he took it quite well.

Gary Lineker may be the most well-known Leicester City fan in the world, as well as the most famous Lineker, but his younger brother Wayne has something of a cult following of his own - and is no less obsessed with the mighty Foxes.

Wayne Lineker is a successful businessman/international playboy who has made a hedonistic life for himself in southern Iberia. He may herald from the East Midlands but these days he's more at home in Marbella and Ibiza larging it with young revellers.

Like his famed brother, Wayne has spent the week enjoying his childhood club's Premier League victory, and was snapped with Jamie Vardy at the King Power Stadium last week. But his celebrations were cut short with some troubling news.

Lineker Jr discovered a tweet that suggested he was no longer with us, courtesy of parody news collective Forest Echo News. A fake tweet that many found to be in bad taste read: 'Breaking: Wayne Lineker brother of Gary Lineker has been found dead in his Villa in Spain. More to follow.'

Wayne was somewhat taken aback by the report, on account of still being alive, and responded: 'Been a strange day today, not very often you read that you've been found dead [sad emoji] '

We're glad Lineker is alive and well, and hope that his resurrection will be just as successful as that of his favourite club...

Header image courtesy of Wayne Lineker's Twitter account.