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09th Nov 2015

Watch the dizzying first-person footage of a British man climbing the Eiffel Tower with no equipment

Kevin Beirne

If you’ve ever been to Paris, you’ve probably gone up the Eiffel Tower so you could look down on the sprawling metropolis of the French capital.

Maybe the elevators were broken and you had to take the stairs, so you jokingly told your friends you climbed the tower.

But if you ever meet someone named James Kingston who tells you a similar story, don’t dismiss it so quickly.

For reasons we will never fully understand, Kingston decided to climb the iconic Parisian landmark without the assistance of frivolous things like ropes or even gloves.

It’s all recorded in glorious (or nausea-inducing) 4k so you can feel like you’re actually climbing it without actually putting yourself at any risk.

According to the video description, Kingston and his friend evaded security overnight but were eventually brought in for six hours of questioning once they came down in the morning. Their punishment was a slap on the wrist as they promised not to climb the tower again for at least three years.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go lie down on the safe, firm ground for a while.