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28th Jan 2017

Stag party in Cork ends up in A&E after man tries the ‘worm’ and headbutts dancefloor

The noise of head on floor isn't pleasant

Paul Moore

The man was knocked unconscious and had to get stitches.

You’ve probably been on a stag/hen weekend before so you know the protocol. Aside from all the high jinx that unfolds, it’s very likely that you’ll end up spending some time on the dancefloor at a local pub or nightclub.

After the pub/club finishes serving, most stag nights will usually wind down at a curry house or back in the hotel, but in the event of this recent stag party in Cork, this wasn’t the case.

A JOE reader named Jeff tells us that his recent stag on Leeside is a strong contender for ‘worst stag ever’ because he had to spend 11 hours in A&E after sustaining an injury on the dancefloor.

Jeff says “I knocked myself unconscious and had to get stitches. I got the stitches in a private hospital after I spent 11 hours waiting in A&E .I don’t remember much about the pub that it happened in. It was a blur after that bang I took.”

Let this be a warning for anyone that tries to get a bit ‘adventurous’ with their dance moves.

The sound when he hits the floor will make you wince.