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11th Feb 2018

WATCH: Man proposes to girlfriend on the big screen in a packed cinema

Rory Cashin

This is like something out of an actual rom-com.

On Saturday night, Emma sat down with her boyfriend Shalla for what she thought was going to be a quiet night out in the cinema, watching the climax of erotic-drama trilogy Fifty Shades Freed.

Little did she know…

The lights go down, and up on the screen… is Shalla.

He tells the packed screen in the Arc Cinema Wexford in Ireland about how much he loves her, and asks her to marry him.

Then the lights come back up, and we cut to Emma and Shalla in the audience, and she looks properly shook.

He stands her up, and there isn’t exactly room in the aisle for him to get down on one knee. They’re talking, he’s holding her hand, she looks to be in shock, we’re not 100% what is going on, and then the most Irish reaction happens, when a random lady in the audience lets a shout:

“Did you say yes??”

Emma tells the audience she sure did, and everyone applauds the happy couple.

A staff member arrives on queue with glasses of bubbly to help them celebrate, and its back to movie time.

As engagements go, this one is really inventive and original. And we’re guessing it doubles as this year’s Valentine’s Day present too, right?