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27th May 2018

WATCH: Hero climbs up apartment building to save child hanging from balcony

Spiderman was too busy fading into dust, apparently

Kyle Picknell

Not all heroes wear capes, but all of them do climb up buildings.

An unnamed man Parisien has gone viral after a video was uploaded of him climbing up an apartment building to save a stranded child clinging onto a balcony ledge.

The man manages to scale four stories in a matter of second before eventually pulling the young boy, apparently only four years old, to safety.

Reports in the Le Parisien have stated that firefighters were called to the scene and attended to both the child and the heroic rescuer as both were suffering from shock afterwards.

The climber suffered only minor scratches from the incident.

The child is to have been left unattended, before venturing out onto the balcony and getting stuck on the railing of the building on rue Marx Dormoy in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

It has since been watched over two million times on social media, with many questioning why the other man who appears in the footage doesn’t try and help the child from the adjacent balcony.