Wanted man 'snitches on himself' with vital detail on neck tattoo 4 months ago

Wanted man 'snitches on himself' with vital detail on neck tattoo

The man's real name was tattooed across his neck

A man who was wanted in America is under questioning in police custody after he inadvertently gave authorities a telltale clue that he was the man they were looking for.


Matthew C. Bushman, 36, from Piatt County, Illinois, was picked up by local police after authorities put out a warrant for his arrest. The crime he was accused of is not currently known.

However, according to the Herald & Review state outlet, Bushman attempted to throw Matton Police off the scent by giving a fake name and date of birth when he was arrested.

A semi-plausible idea for someone backed into a corner and looking for a way out - the problem arises when you decide to tattoo your own name on your neck.


Bushman was ultimately arrested around 6pm on October 8, 2019 and taken to Coles County Jail in Charleston for obstructing justice as a result of his forgery. Unfortunately, we have no idea what the fake name was that he used.

As you can see in his mugshot, his tattoo clearly reads Matty B. We're gonna stick our neck out and say that's a far cry away from Joe Bloggs, or whatever he came up with on the spot.

Obviously, we don't condone any illegal activity but if we could give one piece of advice to anyone who finds themselves involved in a life of crime, having your own name tattooed across your neck probably isn't a good idea.

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