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03rd Sep 2021

Waitress shares horrifying note left by ‘creepy’ customer alongside £750 tip

Danny Jones

Waitress left creepy note and huge tip

Firstly, creepy; second, gross and thirdly: in what universe did he think this would ever work?

A waitress was left stunned and made to feel immensely uncomfortable after a customer left her a creepy note following his meal along with an enormous tip.

The unidentified woman posted evidence of the exchange to the r/trashy subreddit this week. The post shows the receipt she passed the customer and his reply, which included a $1000 tip (approximately £750) and a bizarre attempt at picking her up.

The tip was around seven times the amount of the bill, $128.89 (£93.45) – but likely did nothing to quell the horror of the comments he left.

As well as commenting on her physical appearance, the customer referred to himself as ‘The Master’ and included his social media handle. It has since been suspended by Twitter.

In the comments underneath the Reddit post, some users said they would have effectively taken the money as compensation then reported the culprit immediately thereafter. Another noted that this doesn’t just happen to women: “I’ve had money shoved down my shirt, ass grabbed, crotch grabbed”.

A third went on to say: “These people don’t know that it’s wrong to make others feel uncomfortable. Or they know it’s wrong but just enjoy/don’t care about making others feel uncomfortable. Either way, the lack of empathy towards others is probably 90% of what’s wrong with society.”

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